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Do you find that working through the maze of government regulation is frustrating and confusing?


Have you been denied benefits from the USDA?

You are not alone – we can help you.


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The Comeback Crop – Hemp

We are excited to share that hemp will be grown again in Michigan this year. We have worked closely with MDARD and iHempMichigan to jump start cultivation of this versatile crop. We offer grain and CBD seed. Supply is limited. Lock in your seed order through our store today. Contact us  if you have any questions.

Get The Help You Deserve

Farm producers lose thousands of dollars each year in program benefits due to paperwork challenges – forms don’t get completed correctly or they get turned in after deadlines. There is a bureaucratic maze to navigate and doing it correctly can help your bottom line.

Understand Legislation

We review legislation with you to keep you current on the issues. Legislation can have a major impact on your profits. Let us keep you informed for your benefit.

The Paperwork

There is a right way and a wrong way to fill out the various documents to communicate with the government. We help set up a system to keep on top of the paperwork challenge, stay up to date and on time.

Problem Solving

Challenges arise and need to be handled. It isn’t always clear cut on which path to take. We help our clients resolve problems to their benefit.

Experience Matters

Founder, Blain Becktold worked in the USDA Farm Service Agency for 27 years. 

Down On The Farm helps farmers with compliance and third-party audits.

Grow Profits

There are government programs designed to help you. Taking advantage of every opportunity will help your profits.

Staying in compliance with current regulations will save you from fines and penalties.

We are here to help you succeed!

Let us help you - contact us today!