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Serving the agriculture community through consulting and providing leadership in establishing a new commodity crop, industrial hemp.

Meet Blain

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Blain Becktold worked as a County Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency for 27 years, administering Government Farm Programs to farmers.

After retiring in 2011 from USDA, he formed Down On The Farm, a consulting service to assist farmers through the maze of government paperwork with the goal of receiving program benefits.

Blain helps farmers meet compliance with the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and third-party audits required by buyers of fruit and vegetables.

In 2019, Blain co-founded iHemp Michigan, a non-profit trade association formed to bring a new commodity crop to Michigan farmers – industrial hemp. Blain grew hemp grain the first year it was legal.

Through that experience and consulting with experts from around the world about industrial hemp, he began manufacturing hemp products.

Down On The Farm manufactures Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Protein Flour, Hemp Protein Cake, and Hemp Hearts.

He also is a seed dealer for fiber and grain genetics and offers a decortication service, including CBD stalks.

Benefits of Working with Down On The Farm to Access USDA Programs

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers various programs to support farmers, ranchers, and tribes following natural disasters, such as crop and livestock losses. However, navigating these programs and eligibility requirements can be daunting, especially for small-scale producers. To help with this process, Down On The Farm provides technical assistance to farmers and ranchers to understand and access the USDA programs they are eligible for. Blain Becktold, president of Down On The Farm offers over three decades of experience with the USDA to help you.

Overview of USDA Programs

The USDA offers several programs to support agricultural producers, including the Farm Service Agency (FSA), Risk Management Agency (RMA), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Rural Development (RD) [1]. These programs assist with various purposes, such as crop insurance, disaster relief, conservation, and financing.

Understanding Eligibility Requirements

To access USDA programs, farmers and ranchers must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as having a farm with 500 or fewer employees and a principal place of residence in the United States [2]. Farms may also be eligible if they fit within the revenue-based sized standard, which is an average annual receipt of $1 million [2]. Moreover, certain USDA programs have specific eligibility criteria, such as being a socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher or having suffered a crop loss due to a natural disaster [1].

Importance of Working with a USDA Consultant

Given the complexity of USDA programs and eligibility requirements, working with Down On The Farm is crucial. Down On The Farm provides technical assistance to farmers and ranchers in accessing and understanding USDA programs [3]. They can also help producers with the application process, including filling out forms and submitting the necessary documentation.

Down On The Farm can help farmers and ranchers identify the USDA programs they are eligible for and guide them through the application process. By working with us you can be ensured that you are not missing out on any potential benefits.

Here is a list of some of the common programs for consideration.

  • USDA Program Sign Ups
  • Review Crop Insurance
  • Disaster Programs
  • Keeping Farmers Current on Legislation
  • Farm Program Assistance
  • Industrial Hemp Grain Seed For Sale
  • Crop Certifications
  • Denial of USDA Benefits
  • Payment Limitations
  • USDA, GAP, Global GAP, Primus, Third-Party Audit Assistance
  • Industrial Hemp Farming Assistance from Seed to Sales
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Versatile Industrial Hemp

After over 80 years of prohibition, industrial hemp is being grown at scale around the world. Michigan is ideally suited by climate, resources, and access to the industry. Down On The Farm is bringing knowledge from around the world to Michigan as they produce high-quality fiber, oils, and seeds.

Visit iHemp Michigan to learn more about the many uses of industrial hemp and how you can get involved.

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