Will Horses Eat Hemp Bedding?

Horse Hemp Bedding
April 12, 2023

Understanding Hemp Bedding:

Hemp bedding has gained popularity in recent years as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bedding materials such as straw, shavings, or sawdust. Hemp bedding is made from the stalks of the hemp plant, which are processed and chopped into small pieces to create soft, absorbent bedding for horses. Hemp bedding is biodegradable, renewable, and naturally resistant to pests, making it an attractive choice for environmentally conscious horse owners.

Is Hemp Bedding Palatable to Horses?

One common concern among horse owners considering hemp bedding is whether horses will eat it. Horses are known to be curious animals and may sometimes ingest bedding materials, posing a risk of colic or other digestive issues. However, hemp bedding is generally considered to be less palatable to horses compared to other types of bedding materials.

Hemp bedding has a natural, earthy smell and taste that may deter horses from consuming it. The fibers in hemp bedding are also longer and coarser compared to materials like straw or shavings, making them less likely to be consumed. Additionally, hemp bedding is typically processed to remove the leaves, flowers, and seeds of the hemp plant, which are the parts that contain the majority of the plant’s active compounds. This further reduces the likelihood of horses finding hemp bedding palatable.

Benefits of Hemp Bedding for Horses:

Apart from being less palatable to horses, hemp bedding offers several benefits for horse owners and their equine companions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of using hemp bedding in horse stalls:

  1. Dust-Free: Traditional bedding materials such as straw or shavings can produce dust when disturbed, which can irritate a horse’s respiratory system and trigger respiratory issues. Hemp bedding, on the other hand, is virtually dust-free, creating a healthier living environment for horses, especially those with respiratory sensitivities.
  2. Highly Absorbent: Hemp bedding has excellent absorbency properties, capable of absorbing up to four times its weight in moisture. This makes it an effective option for managing moisture in horse stalls, reducing the risk of ammonia buildup and associated health issues.
  3. Reduced Waste: Hemp bedding is biodegradable and compostable, making it an eco-friendly choice for horse owners. It can be easily disposed of in compost or used as fertilizer, reducing the environmental impact of horse bedding waste.
  4. Comfortable and Cushioned: Hemp bedding provides a soft, cushioned surface for horses to rest and lie down on, promoting their comfort and well-being. The long, coarse fibers of hemp bedding create a supportive and comfortable bedding layer that can help reduce pressure points and prevent bed sores in horses.
  5. Natural Pest Control: Hemp bedding has natural pest-resistant properties, as hemp plants produce compounds that repel pests such as insects and rodents. This can help reduce the need for chemical pest control methods in horse stalls, creating a safer environment for both horses and caretakers.
  6. Sustainable and Renewable: Hemp is a highly sustainable and renewable plant, requiring minimal water and pesticides to grow. Hemp plants also grow rapidly, allowing for frequent harvesting and a constant supply of bedding material. This makes hemp bedding a more environmentally friendly option compared to bedding materials that require cutting down trees or other resources.

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